Ski the Arctic – Backcountry Adventures in the far north.


The Norwegians invented skiing or so they like to think, we have been exploring arctic Norway for a number of seasons now and think we have found schangrela. The high arctic is home to some of the best ski touring we have found anywhere and we have skied in a lot of places. Imagine skiing powder on the north aspects spring snow on the south all above the sea with a back drop of magnificent fjords. Everyone has heard of ski touring in Lyngen, we have spent a lot of time there ourselves but it is getting crowded. Last year we put a trail up a mountain then from the ferry crossing the Fjord (we were heading further north) we saw 40 people following our ski track.

Don’t get us wrong Lyngen is great but Finnmark has similar mountains but no people. Last season we saw 2 other ski tourers in 2 weeks of skiing. We would like to offer two Finnmark trips ski by boat with our friend captain Charles Wara on his 99ft wooden boat the Goxheim and a land based trip. Our land based trip is based in a lodge newly built in 2015 with spectacular views of the fjord it is a magnificent place to ski from.

So inspired by skiing at high latitude that in 2016 we headed even further north visiting Svalbard often referred to as Spitsbergen which is the largest of the group of islands that make up Svalbard. If you image a mini Antarctica with daily flights from Europe you get the idea, huge glaciers flowing into the sea, midnight sun skiing and spectacular wildlife all based from our own boat make this a true high Arctic Adventure. In 2017 we are offering 2 trips to this magical island.

Ski by Boat – Finnmark

Ski Finnmark – Land based 

Ski Svalbard – Arctic Ski Cruise

Ski Svalbard – Ski and Sail