Mont Blanc


The highest peak in Western Europe is a must on every alpinists list of mountains. There are fewer more classic lines than the bosses ridge when seen from Chamonix a single sweep of snowy ridge rising from the Aiguille du Gouter to the summit. There are a number of different ways to climb Mont Blanc, we believe that the Gouter route offers the best chance of success and the minimum objective danger to our clients and guides.

Any Mont Blanc week will involve 3 days of acclimatization and preparation followed by three days for the ascent of Mont Blanc. We will try and use a combination of the Tete Rousse and Gouter huts to offer the best chance of climbing the mountain. Hut reservations are very difficult on Mont Blanc due to the number of people who would like to climb the mountain so it is essential to get in touch early so that we have the best chance of getting hut reservations. Any operator who claims they can guarantee hut reservations are not telling the truth.

Many operators offer package that involves a guide client ratio of 1:4 for the acclimatization then 1:2 for the ascent, while this offers great value for money we only work with 1:2 for the duration of your holiday. This allows the guide to develop a relationship with you and focus the training to your needs. We believe that the preparation should allow you to prepare on the most appropriate terrain that is relevant to the ascent of Mont Blanc. This means scrambling on rock and moving in crampons for long periods along with spending time at altitude to acclimatize. We often climb routes like the Aiguille Marbree and Pyramid Vinson (4000m) in the Monte Rosa group as preparation.