Ski Backcountry Austria


Austria has some of the best mountain huts in the Alps. They often feel like little hotels in the mountains: we have been enjoying showers in huts at over 3000m while huts at lesser altitudes on the Haute Route cannot even supply running water. There are some great hut to hut tours, we would like to share two of our favourites with you.


If you are thinking of embarking on your first hut to hut tour then the Silvretta area is perfect, the mountains give loads of skiing options from technical summits to classic passes. There are options at all levels of skiing. Our itinerary links the superb Heidelberger, Jamtal and Weissbadner huts. We will meet in Galtur then use the Ischgyl ski lifts to gain access to the high mountains. Leaving the lifts behind we will link summits and passes over glaciers before arriving back in Galtur. The Silvretta huts open earlier in the season than most other areas so it is possible to ski tour here from late February to early May, so a great choice is you also happen to have a late season Arctic ski adventure in mind!


The Otztal feels like a logical progression from the Silvretta, the days are a bit bigger, there is the option to crampon to a summit on most days but the huts continue to offer a fantastic level of comfort with hot showers every day. The Bella Vista hut even has a hot tub and a sauna. If we forget the luxury for a moment the skiing is also fantastic. We will make s circular loop from Vent the small village at the head of the valley, linking the Martin Busch, Silimaun, Bella Vista, Hochjoch and Vernaght huts. The Otztal is well off the radar of most Brits, and you’ll be immersing yourself into the heart of Austrian ski touring culture. The three valleys it is not!