Bruce has written 3 books 2 on skills and one a collaboration between 14 guides to help you find the best ski touring in the Alps. The two skills books are on Alpine Mountaineering and ski touring. Both follow the same format of instruction on the essential techniques for Alpine Mountaineering and Ski Touring then offer a selection of routes for you to develop these skills. Both have been very well received  and are the perfect introduction for those looking for an introduction to the activities but also for those developing there skills either with a guide or independently.

The third is a collaboration between Bruce and 13 friends and colleagues, each guide has described their favourite ski tours some being day tours right through to 6 day hut to hut adventures. Each tour has a location map then up to the minute information on the various tours. Geographically they are spread right across the Alps from the Val Maira in the south to the Dolomites in the East.

You can buy Alpine Mountaineering here , Ski Touring here and Alpine Ski Touring here.

Alpine Mountainering book
Ski Touring book
Alpine Ski Touring book