Pre Alps skills training on skis


Backcountry skiing in the Alps for the first time can be intimidating, the mountains are big there is risk from avalanche; there are glaciers with the ever present risk of crevasses.

We would like to offer some skills days that can help you prepare you for the Alps. These courses are for those taking their first turns in the Alps and those experienced alpine skiers and ski tourer that are looking to ski on their own or with a guide.

First turns – Introduction TO SKI TOURING in Scotland

This is a two day introduction to ski touring will take you through the essential ski and avalanche kit that you need and how to use it. We will look at how to put on skins, how o use them efficiently, we will discover the mystery that is the kick turn and teach you that they aren’t actually very difficult. We will look avalanche safety equipment and how to use it, this is not an avalanche course and we would encourage you to take some avalanche education. We can help you with this, have a look at our avalanche courses. Courses are usually run in the Cairngorms and are run on a bespoke basis