Ski by Boat Finnmark, Arctic Norway

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Dates  19-26 May 2017  £2500

Skiing from a boat is a magical way to explore the fjords of Arctic Finnmark. For many years now people having been running ski by boat trips to the Lyngen area based out of Tromso as a result it is rare to ski alone in this region. Move a few hundred kilometers north to Finnmark and you will be skiing alone. We spend 10 days skiing in Finnmark in winter 2014 4 land based and 6 on a boat and saw no other skiers.

The area is so far north with many different aspects that it is possible to ski there right into June. Most of the team including myself though Finnmark was the most amazing place they had skied and most of them have rebooked for 2016. Our trip will allow us to enjoy 24hr daylight and great spring snow skiing conditions.

The boatuntitled-94-3 Accommodation is in 3 small 2 person cabins plus one double cabin. There is a comfortable living space and communal dinning area. There is a shower on the boat but its use will depend on availability of water. The boat carried 2000l of water to be used for cooking, cleaning washing etc if our itinerary allowed we could fill up mid week but this depends on the ski conditions and the wind. There is always hot water to wash in a basin after skiing and in the morning. In 2014 we filled up mid way through the trip so showered mid week. Food is cooked by the skipper Charles, it was simple tasty and plentiful with sandwiches being prepared from a buffet breakfast. Soup and rolls were served after skiing prior to sailing to the following days venue.

The skiing Finnmark is a perfect landscape for skiing with everything from a dramatic ice cap to stunning Fjords. Most summits are about 900-1000m, which feels amazingly easy at sea level we often skied a number of different aspects making for 1200m days.


Transport We will fly to Alta which has daily flights via Oslo, the trip will  run Friday – Friday as there are very poor connections on a Saturday, we will then make a 2hr transfer to the village of Oksfjord where we will meet the Goxsheim, this transfer puts us in a better area for ski and sail than joining the boat in Alta. It would also be possible to arrive early and do some skiing prior to the trip.

Cost The cost is £2500 plus international flights. Once on the boat the cost is all-inclusive except for alcohol. As you will probably know alcohol is expensive in Norway so it is best to liase to make the most of duty free. Beer is available for sale on board. (Transfer to and from the boat is additional fee as this is dependent on numbers.)

If you need any more info please let me know. Just call 0033631175515.